"When we work together we can Create Anything". 

My name is Stewart Kyasimire.

I have 10 years experience in the financial sector, award winning agencies and commercial business. I design from concept to creation and follow current design and functionality trends.

I produce mockup wireframes, prototypes, mid to hi-fidelity concepts for cross-platform applications to responsive layouts. 

I enjoy simplifying a users journey from concept to creation leading to innovative marketing campaigns. It’s important that I deliver the best user experience and continue to learn and progress my design skills following current trends.

Design Process


User Journey/Identifying the audience

When I approach a design project I instinctively liaise with the client or project manager, discuss and gain insight into the project at hand then identify their demographic. I start with extensive research gaining knowledge influenced by the users needs. I begin by setting up a user journey, this helps the client/project manager and myself understand the future state of the project.


Once I have defined the target audience, my next step is to create personas. These are fictional representations of users based on their interests and lifestyle. Personas are important because they help better understand the users everyday life also influencing the design to fit their needs.

My user personas outline things such as the audience, end goals, hierarchy, friction/pain points and overall personality and character. With this relevant information I have a sense of who they are and what they want to achieve.
Personas help me identify issues and constraints that users face when interacting with my designs.

User features

I firstly acquaint myself with the features and benefits the digital product has to offer, this helps me visualise the interface with a better understanding of the call to actions. I then research competitors and their products to gauge trends and unique selling points within the market. I then research current design styles and define the functionality and user flow. When I have my functionality defined and prioritised I begin to create wireframe sketches and mock-ups. I make sure to liaise with the project manager early and often.

UI/UX Design ( Wire-framing / Prototyping / Hi-Fidelity Concepts )

As designers we tend to follow popular styles ‘look and feel’ and some try to make them. Popular trends become custom to the user if the user flow is simple and intuitive. I strive to improve the users experience with clean and minimal design. I particularly like flat design, it has many benefits. Flat design removes clutter with assets and elements stripped of unnecessary styles. Leaving a light and clean design that helps the user focus on the product, message and images. With modern high spec devices and high pixel density, good detailed design is a must!

With an array of various interfaces responsive design is crucial simplifying the user experience and producing the same content as the desktop site. I naturally sketch and wireframe until the client and project manager signs off the design. I utilise prototyping tools like Sketch and Principle to visualise the app and test the functionality with click-throughs and page transitions. Most importantly I user test extensively until the users enjoy a simple interface and experience.

I am currently contracting as the Lead UX/UI & Product Designer at Lloyds Banking Group.  


JP Morgan, AXA, BT, BBC, Magners, Jamie's Italian, Kurt Geiger, Levi's, Nike, Puma, Sassoon, Vivienne Westwood + More